Wild Strangers EP

by The Fox Brothers

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released June 29, 2012

Wild Strangers EP
1. Summer
2. Ride To Hell
3. In The Dark
4. Wishing Well

Music by The Fox Brothers
Words by Ryan Fox
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Ryan Fox
Recorded at The Fox Den, Blue Bell, PA
Artwork & Photography by Shawn Fox



all rights reserved


The Fox Brothers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Summer
Hide your face from this wicked world
But let your fire grow
Oh it spreads across the fields
Lightin’ up in smoke

Just let me know
Just let me know
You gotta let me know
Just me know

Oh Summer
It came alive
You know it did
Oh it burned through my mind
And just save me
Well you can try
Oh I’m lost
In this crazy place of mine

In the roll of this crazy world
Heed the warning sign
Oh it told me to watch my back
Send your demons home
Track Name: Ride To Hell
Oh in my heart
There are few things that I know
Feelings of love
Aren’t surely to show

Even when I’m falling down
Do you know why? I’ll find a way
Home tonight

Oh we’ll ride to hell
We’ll ride to hell
We’ll ride to hell

Oh in my mind
All these demons start to grow
Out of corners and the cracks
That lay within my soul

Even when I spiral down
Do you know why? I’ll find a way
Home tonight

Oh in my heart
Track Name: In The Dark
And we’ll talk
About the mysteries in your mind
And we’ll walk
Down these streets when we were small
But it got dark
And the leaves changed their names
October Sky
Was blazing red in your eyes

I said fire
Oh, it burns through the night
And we’ll glow
As we’re racing towards the light
Where’d you go?
Take my hand, as we’ll run through the dark

And we’re quiet
Oh the wind howls your name
Let’s runaway
But the scene stays the same
In your heart
We sang songs to feel alive
In your eyes
I became a different kind

You could feel it
Under your skin at night
And I'll know
Did you know?

I could taste it
There were kingdoms in your eyes
And I'll know
Did you know?
Track Name: Wishing Well
You lay your head down
Dream of all you want
And close you eyes
It’ll be alright

Momma told you
Stories in the night
Legends of the old
Oh will I ever know?

One day, you wake and rise up
Cast all your dreams aside

Down the wishing well

Far away you ran
Away from your home
Down the hills and through the fields
Now you’re all grown

The scars on your hands
The dirt in your eyes
The stories momma told
Still were inside

In your dreams you see your home
A thousand miles all alone
You ran away from it all
I hope you know